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What is Fast and Fixed?

Fast and Fixed is a treatment concept to remove failing teeth, place dental implants and immediately attached a fixed bridge, all in one day.

What are the advantages?

Fast and fixed offers you a number of advantages over conventional dental implant tooth replacement.

  1. Fewer practive visits
  2. Short treatment time
  3. No complex surgery
  4. Avoid bone grafting
  5. No need to wear dentures
  6. Fixed cost

What is the Treatment Cycle

The Fast and Fixed concept starts and ends with thorough planning.

  1. Initial Assessment.
  2. Diagnostic Test including CT scan.
  3. Removal of teeth, placement of implants and immediate temporary fixed bridge.
  4. Review after 3 months.
  5. Impressions for construction of final fixed bridge.
  6. Regular monitoring and hygienist visits.


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